How Can We Work Together?


Welcome to Querida Recoleta, a blog about an expat´s trials, errors and joys raising a family in Santiago, Chile. I am super happy you´ve stopped by.

Why do I write this blog?

My goal in writing is firstly to show other expats about the realities of living in Santiago, especially with children, and that means all the good stuff and the bad stuff. Secondly I am constantly inspired by the people around me, many of whom may live on the city´s peripheries given that Recoleta is a middle to lower middle class neighborhood.  My aim has always been to represent Santiago in ALL its forms, to humanize it and make it seem real.

A little bit about me:

I am a Bachelor of Arts graduate with a Post Grad in Social Anthropology. I speak English and intermediate to advanced (Chilean) Spanish. I am English but have spent almost my entire life in New Zealand so consider myself to be Kiwi (hence my accent!). I came to Chile for love; my partner is Chilean (from Recoleta).

How is my blog set up?

I have various collections of blog entries that I group as series´. As I cover multiple different things, this helps my readers to go straight to what they want to read. They are:

  • The Mummy Diaries: my thoughts from motherhood, as the mum of two
  • Notes from the Street: my interviews and recollections of people I meet in Recoleta
  • Family Fun: tips and reviews of things to do for people with children
  • Lunch Review: I love to eat and it shows – I regularly add a restaurant review
  • Spotlight On: I interview expats and locals making a life in Chile and who I think are doing something interesting

How can we work together?

I am glad you asked! I currently work as a freelance content writer and editor, and am taking new jobs all the time. My blog is growing and has been proven to increase business sales every time I publish publicly using Facebook and Instagram. We can collaborate in the following ways:

  • product review
  • restaurant review
  • hotel review
  • sponsored posts
  • brand ambassadorship
  • freelance writing

Who is my target demographic?

My blogs reach expats currently living in Chile, former expats who have left Chile but want to retain a connection, Chileans who speak English, and people overseas who are looking to move to Chile in the future.

As an example, here are some 2015 statistics:

  • 11,306 hits from Chile
  • 1,756 from United States
  • 500 from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom
  • 9,135 were referred from Facebook; others from various links on the Internet

december 3, 2019

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